Student's Life

Divided by 3 grades, children can learn sophisticated English abilities

Based on science and literacy, children can give a presentation in science class when they graduate

Actively giving P.E classes outside, we provide balanced educations which give mental and physical development.

Age K1 3 ~4 years’ old
K2 4~5 years’ old
K3 5~6 years’ old
Course Full day course 8:30-18:00
5 hours course 9:00-14:00

One day at Kindergarten


Good morning

Children arrive at school on foot or by bus


Morning assembly

Everyone gathers to sing a bilinga song. Starting from “ how are you?”, weather, days, names, students master basic everyday English.


Environment time

Watering plants and feeding insects or animals we keep, students learn science from daily environment.


Discovery Time

Children go to a park to look for plants and animals. Let’s observe our fining carefully. What can we discover today?


ESL and Phonics

Time to study English. Children Children study vocabulary and sentences using flashcards and worksheets that are based on the theme of the month


Lunch Time

A fun lunch time, chatting with friends in English. Children enjoy having lunch and socializing with their friends.


Homework Check

Check and inquire homework.


Closing Circle

Children share their thoughts at the end of the day

After 5 hours course


Free play daily program

A fun time after school for studying and playing with friends.


Explore time

Go out and enjoy the outdoors


Snack time

The time for snack children love


Study Time

Children learn History and the Social Studies. Let’s learn more and more about our world!


Good bye

What a fun day we had! See you next time!

What is the project study?

Students learn projects by monthly themes.

For the theme of “Under the Sea”, as an example, they would imagine a variety of sea creatures. Are whales fish or mammals? What do they eat? How do they raise their children? What is the biggest and smallest whale in the world? Students research their habitats using a world map. They measure size in the park at school and will be impressed how huge whales are and will be satisfied creating their own projects. The project study is the basis with which we compose their curiosity and efforts on their own.

Annual Event


Entrance ceremony

Our principle announce home teachers or classes



Let’s go to a big park with a lunch box


Open school

Parents observe children’s school life


Summer camp & Summer school

Special classes and summer camp during Summer vacation. We provide variety types of programs


Water Play

Playing in the sprinklers and throwing water balloons are lots of fun, but there are so many other exciting things you can play with water.


Sports day

Every children from our group schools gathers for sports day!


Halloween party

Let’s enjoy a Halloween party with your costume!


Science fair

Touching science tools and materials, children learn latest schience technology


Performance day

Children act an excellent performance in English



Through school life at Laurus, children try to pass Eiken to check their English improvement


Open school

Parents observe children’s school life


Spring camp & Spring school

Special classes and spring camp during spring vacation. We provide variety types of programs


Graduation ceremony

Children dress in a gown and attend graduation ceremony. Our principle gives you a diploma

After graduation

International School
  • Laurus International School of Science
  • St. Mary's International School
  • K. International School Tokyo
  • Canadian International School Tokyo
  • Aoba-Japan International School
  • The American School in Japan

and so on.

Private primary school
  • Aoyama Gakuin Elementary School
  • Gyosei international primary School
  • Keio Gijuku Yochisha Primary School
  • Denenchofu-Futaba Elementary School
  • Tokyo Jogakkan Primary School
  • Yokohama Futaba Primary School
  • Elementary School, University of Tsukuba
  • Tokyo Gakugei University Setagaya Elementary School

and so on.