Primary school
Attractive Classes


Laboratory work

Students experiment with the use of full-fledged devices.


Programming is getting common as a mandatory subject in childhood education worldwide. Students learn the basic of Programming and move on to representing games and applications.


In order to have opportunities to interact with artificial intelligence (AI) faster than anybody, we offer some classes with Pepper.


The lessons are designed to increase students’ sense of immersion. Sometimes we write on whiteboard in order to leave visual impression, and sometimes we change our classroom into what the students have never imagined.


We focus not only on English but also Japanese education hoping to broaden the students’ future possibilities.
In order to achieve it, we have one Japanese class every day.
Also, we have all classes in Japanese on Saturdays so the students can spend enough time on studying Japanese.

Eiken-Test Preparation

We recommend taking the Step –Test to check the students’ progress in English study.
We offer preparation classes before the examination.
In fact, one of the first year students in our school passed the pre-level 2 grade.


We take in Karate classes appreciating Japanese culture and tradition, and also hoping to make the students both physically and mentally healthy and strong.