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Welcome to Laurus!

The world is changing rapidly, and we are experiencing what many have called the fourth industrial revolution. This revolution is being led by innovations such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things and big data. These innovations are consuming the world. Rapid globalization has also created more and more complicated international problems. In a further 20 years, the world will be beyond our imagination, and our children will need the abilities and skills to solve problems without clear answers.

Although our world is rapidly changing, education at Japanese schools has changed very little in 50 years. That is one of the reasons we decided to open an international science school five years ago and the Laurus International School of Science Primary School last April.

As the first and only international school of science in Japan, we promise to devote ourselves to equipping your children with the tools and knowledge they will need to create their own future. Not only will we guide and encourage them to become innovators and leaders, we will help them become responsible, contributing members of society during an era of uncertainty.

August, 2016
The chairman, Kiyomi Hioki
The principal, Mami Hioki

The chairman, Kiyomi Hioki

(Graduated from Yale School of Management, the US)

The principal, Mami Hioki

(Graduated from Sophia University)