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STEAM Winter School 2018

Many scientists visit Antarctica from all over the world to study the climate, wildlife and geology there. They have been trying to use their collected data to solve global problems, such as climate change. In this Winter School, let’s learn about this scientifically important  and unique region! Then, try to think of the solutions utilizing your STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) knowledge and skills! Primary school students (Age: 6 – 12 years old)  *Date of Birth: From April 2, 2006 to April 1, 2012 ☆School Bus:¥500 / one-way ☆Entrance Fee: ¥5,400  *First time non-member only  ☆All…


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STEAM Summer School 2018

Imagine something that you would want that has not been invented yet. Would other people want that too? Let’s come up with some ideas… Let’s get creative… Now, let’s get down to business! How would you make it? What other uses could it have? What problems might there be? Laurus International School of Science is proud to present this year’s Summer School – ENTREPRENEUR. We will introduce students to the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (STEAM). We will go through the whole process – from the initial design to creating your product…


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Spring School 2018

Laurus International School of Science proudly announces STEM Spring School 2018 with the theme “Leonardo da Vinci and Flight”. A vast universal genius, Leonardo da Vinci’s extraordinary memo, has a sketch of a famous flight machine called the helicopter founder. Students will learn about the history and kind of flying machine from the Da Vinci original helicopter  to the latest airplane. Students will also try to understand the mechanism of flight and make original flight by themselves. 10:00 – 15:00 If you request the extension time, please inform us by noon of the day. Please also understand that…


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Spring Camp 2018

Laurus International School is delighted to announce the Spring Camp for 2018. Everyone wants to be a pilot because it is wonderful and exciting to fly jets around the world as well as small aircrafts in the sky. At our Spring Camp, students will learn about what pilots, CAs and airport staff do. Students will also learn the structure of a plane and will make their own airplanes that can fly. ✔5 hours-course / 9:00 am – 2:00 pm ✔Full day-course / 8:30 am – 6:00 pm Preschool and kindergarten aged children Design and create your own pilot…


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STEM Winter School for primary school students

Laurus International School of Science proudly announces STEM Winter School 2017. Science has progressed so much since early Alchemists tried to make gold from sea-water. Nowadays, some of those early dreams are becoming reality. We will introduce students to the world of Alchemy – but with a twist… Modern Alchemy vs The Elements. Join us!    ・The elements-Carbon, Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen and Neon ・Exciting science experiments to test their properties ・The fuel of fire-oxygen ・States of Matter-changing forms  …and many more!   ✔Dec 25(Mon)-28(Thu) 10:00-15:00 *Please participate in the four days through. Primary School Students…